Liv Pennington

Artist, Mother, Lecturer, Curator

OVA (2012)

Gordon, Polegate (Red) 2012

Ann, Island of Lewis (Lady Lylya Triptych) 2012

Ann, Island of Lewis (Cherubs Diptych) 2012

AlfnPolly, Ebay (large blue) 2012

AlfnPolly, Ebay (medium) 2012

AlfnPolly,Ebay (small) 2012

David, Ebay (Boxed pair) 2012

Gordon, Polegate (yellow) 2012


A visual study of authenticity and desire, the photographs present hand painted and embellished blown eggs (chicken, turkey, goose) that I have collected or borrowed, utilizing graph paper to refer to museum archiving processes/social anthropologist’s field work (John Lamprey) as well as current computer construction and modelling techniques.  A project that continues to explore my interests in ideas of beauty, desire, surface, standardisation, faking it, makeovers, homogeneity and heterogeneity.