Liv Pennington

Artist, Mother, Lecturer, Curator

Photos that my parents, boyfriend and friends would choose to give to the police / press if I were to go missing, have an accident or die (2004)

Mum and Dad






I saw a headline on the front of a national newspaper; ‘girl killed in violent attack’. I was totally confused by the choice of photograph that accompanied the copy. The image had made me immediately think that the attack was sexually motivated until I read through the article. A week later on a front-page I saw the headline ’man attacked in similar circumstances’ but the newspaper still ran the picture of the girl, but had cropped in closer.

Who gave the press/police the photograph? It wasn’t a formal photo. It was a snapshot from a party. The photo felt intimate, she looked tipsy, and she looked stunning, staring up into the camera, confident, sexy. The image felt totally inappropriate.

I have asked those closest to me to select a photograph that they had in their possession. Photographs that they thought best represented me and that they would give to the press/police if anything happened to me.