Liv Pennington

Artist, Mother, Lecturer, Curator

Stand alones 1997 –

Portrait of the Artist’s parents, 2013

Fingered, 2006 (c-type 40cm x 30cm, Edition of 5)

Tongue Tired, 2005 (c-type 40cm x 30cm, Edition of 5)

Butterfly, 2003 (c-type 5in x 4in, Edition of 50)

Hand me down, 2002 (c-type 63.4cm x 91.5cm & 8ft x 6ft)

I don’t know if I still love you, 2002 (c-type 100cm x 75cm, Edition of 5)

Handstand, 1997 c-type 75cm x 50cm, Edition of 5